2014 TCF Barrel Program Membership Application.

Congratulations to Jenna Beckemeyer! She was our 2013 Overall High Point Award Saddle Winner!

High Point Lesson Winner- Kelby Shaw

High Point Candle Fundraiser- Jenna Beckemeyer

High Point Cookie Dough Fundraiser- Josh Spangler

Overall High Point Fundraiser Award- Jenna Beckemeyer

Reserve High Point Fundraiser Award- Josh Spangler

High Point Barrel Racer- Jenna Beckemeyer

Reserve High Point Barrel Racer- Olivia Chapman

Referral High Point Award- Mariah Stone

Newbie Award- Georgia Agan







If fundraising material is not turned in on time, there will be no points received with fundraising, lessons, clinics, or shows until it is turned in.


* More than one person may use the same horse in the program as long as it's not in the same age division. 

* Points begin as soon as form and payment are received.

* Point books will be mailed out within 2-3 weeks of receiving form and payment by mail.

* We will be offering group lessons twice a week this year in two different locations weather permiting! Members can only receive points for one group lesson per week at location of their choice.


TCF Barrel Racing Program

      This year we are offering a new program for its members to earn points to work towards year end high points awards. The program consists of a point tracking system for each nominated horse and rider combination. To join there will be a $25 nomination fee for each horse and rider combination. This allows each combination to earn points throughout the year through horse shows, lessons, clinics, fundraisers, and more. You can enter on more than one horse, but can not combine points of horses. Each earns points seperatly.  



 Horse Shows

To earn maximum points in your class, there must be 5 entries in the class.

1st place- 5 points

2nd place- 4 points

3rd place- 3 points

4th place- 2 points

5th place- 1 point

If there is not 5 entries in the class you will still earn 1 point for every entry placed above. Example- 3 people are in your class and you win. You will recieve 3 points. Or say you get third out of 3, you still receive one point. If there are more than 5 entries you will earn and extra point for every entry placed above after your original 5 entries up to 5 entries . Example 8 people in the class and you place 2nd. You receive your original 4 points for second place since there were at least 5 entries, plus another 3 points for the other 3 entries  placed above. At a 3d or 4d show, your points only count in your division. Say you place in the top 5 of 2D. You can only recieve extra points for people you place above in 2d times. If your class is at a fun show or derby where there is no divisional splits, obviously there are no time divisions to worry about. You may receive one point if you are doing trainers for participation, but only for 1 run. For points to be able to count for year end high point awards, you must have a copy of the showbill of the show you attend and place at with a signature of the judge and or show secretary for verification of your show results. A phone number must also be provided from show secretary or board member of facility of which your performance was made for verification. Each member will recieve a point book through mail to keep track of results and information.


     Each member can also earn points with lessons and clinics. Member will receive 5 points for every group lesson and clinic they participate in. 5 points for each member who refers a person who participates in a group lesson or clinic, and another 2 points if the refered person joins the TCF Barrel Racing Program.


Each member will be provided with a minimum of at least 4 fundraising oppertunities throughout the year. Member can earn points for year end awards through fundraising as well. 10 points will be awarded to the highest seller of each fundraiser and 5 points for every member who exceeds the determined selling goal at each fundraiser. 

Year End Barrel Bash with Pot Luck and Awards

Year End High Point Award will be awarded at the end of the year event. High Point award will be a brand new Barrel Saddle! Other Awards will be awarded for Reserve High Point and other accomplishments and awards including high point and reserve high point sellers, and many more!

For more information call or email us!



Make checks payable to     Hallie Drennan

                                            Triple Cross Farm

                                             7940 East Boyd Rd

                                             Woodlawn, IL 62898