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        Jalyn & Faithful Lad   

Mariah & Molly
Nap Time!
Hallie and Shadows Fancy Cindy
PJs and Cowboy boots!

Mariah & Molly

Here is a page we have added to show the fun times and accomplishments of our students, friends, and horses.

                                                                          Ava & Cindy

                                                 Jalyn, Jenna, and I at KCSC Show April 27, 2014

                                                                    Sharon & Cindy 
                                                            Tanya, Georgia, and Anna
                                                                        Josh & Faithful Lad    
                                                                        Olivia & Jenna 
                                                                               Lex & Dan
                                                               Jess and I are matching in cheetah!
Feb 15-17, 2013 C Bar C Expo Center- Cloverdale, IN- Congrats to Olivia on her 2nd place finish on the 15th in Youth 3d Barrels and her Youth 3D win on her horse Lena on the 17th! Great job!

Congrats Addie and Lexie on thier barrel runs at Bean Days Rodeo Sept. 22- 2012! Good job girls!

Click here to see their runs! For Addie and Molly For Lex and Dan



Aug. 18, 2012 Oakdale Saddle Club IBRA- Way to go Olivia on her 1D win in Youth Poles on Shadows Fancy Cindy and her 3rd in 3D aboard her horse Lena!

Olivia, Cindy, and yes little max relaxing after a lesson.