A list of just a few of Shadows Fancy Cindy's Accomplishments


USPC, USDF, USEA winner.


NBHA, IBRA Open money winner


Open rodeo money earner


3 Time TWHBEA World Versitility Reserve High Point Champion


2010 TWHBEA Adult Barrel Racing World Champion


2010 TWHBEA Adult Pole Bending World Champion


2009 TWHBEA Adult Barrel Racing World Champion


2009 TWHBEA Hunter Hack World Champion


2009 WHOA International Grand Champion Pole Bending


2008 TWHBEA Adult Barrel Racing Champion


2008 WHOA International Grand Champion Pole Bending


2008 WHOA, TWHBEA, NWHA Triple Crown Challenge 8th


2007 TWHBEA Adult Barrel Racing World Champion


2007 TWHBEA Pole Bending World Champion


2007 WHOA International Grand Champion Pole Bending


2006 TWHBEA Reserve Adult Barrel Racing World Champion


2006 WHOA International Grand Champion Pole Bending


2005 IWHA State Pole Bending champion


2005 IWHA State Barrel Racing Champion


2005 TWHBEA Over Fences World Champion


2005 TWHBEA Adult Barrel Racing World Champion


2005 TWHBEA Adult Pole Bending World Champion


2005 WHOA International Grand Champion Over Fences


2005 WHOA International Grand Champion Barrel Racing


2005 WHOA International Grand Champion Pole Bending


2004 TWHBEA Youth Barrel Racing World Champion


2004 TWHBEA Youth Pole Bending World Champion


2004 WHOA International Grand Champion youth Pole Bending


2004 WHOA International Grand Champion youth Barrel Racing


2001 WHOA International Grand Champion Over Fences

Shadows Fancy Cindy

May 8, 1991              By: Shadows Challenge

                            Out of: Tiger's Special Lady



     Here is a little bit about my wonderful mare that I have been so blessed with for many years. She is a big part of my family and will be forever. We've been through everything together. Trials and tribulation, success and failure, milestones and achievements, miles and miles on the road, and oh so much more you'd be reading forever! :)  She's been my best friend and it all started with my Grandpa, or Papa as i called him, William H. Bond on September 18, 1994. That was the day. The day that little black mare, whom barely stood 14.2 hands tall (when she needed a trim), became a member of the family. And did I mention every bit of her attitude to go along with her as well? She was also in foal at the time of her purchase, and had her filly that April 25, 1995, on my Grandma Bond's birthday. What a treat to say the least!



   Now as far as our riding......hmm. I cant remember how many times this little black Tennessee Walking horse made me eat dirt, hi ho silver, and make me make up my own dirty words. I remember Papa just shaking his head with that sparkle in his eye and bright smile on his face. We finally got past it though. It took time, but we finally clicked. An when we did, it was like a bond welded together so strong, nothing in the world would  be able to break it. 



   My Papa was an ambitious man. I had always rode English before and had done some jumping, but never really took it much further than jumping fallen logs on the trails, and setting up jumps with Mom's lawn chairs and our polebending poles. Papa found trainer Marnie Braun, who was a well known successful and respected Eventer. Now anyone from the English World knows that the words Tennessee Walking horse and Train English, is normally what you would call and oxymoron. NORMALLY. She said, "Mr. Bond, there is no way I can get that gaited horse to do real Dressage and over fence work." He just smiled and replied, "I want you to try." A few months later he heard the words he'd been waiting for, that put the biggest smile on his face: "Well Mr. Bond, you've made a liar out of me! She's one of the best jumpers in my barn." And so her show career begain.



    She proceeded to be the best eventer I've ever had the privalage of riding. Her and every bit of her 14.2 hand self competed at levels incredable for her size, through Intermediate and Advanced Eventing. She had tons of success in the Dressage ring and Showjumping field as well. She was my United States Pony Club mount through many Eventing, Showjumping, Dressage, and Games Rallies, taking me all over the country. I think she has surpassed everyone's expectaions. All except Papa's. He knew she could do it. And she wasn't finished. Not even close.



      In 2003 my whole world fell apart. That year I lost my Papa to cancer. My mentor and support. My backbone. I would not be where I am or who I am today without him. That man never missed a horse show! If he wasn't hauling me to a competition, you better believe he was on his way or already there waiting on me. That year I also lost my main barrel horse Dandy Boy. A week before Papa passed to be exact. I remember talking to him after, about whether or not I even wanted to look for another barrel prospect at that time. He looked at me with that same familiar sparkle in his eyes and smiled, "What about Cindy?" Lol, wow did I pass that off in a hurry! I thought yeah right! A walking horse running barrels now? My gosh, she had already defied the odds in the English World. I'm not about to press my luck down this path! Well as you can guess, that didn't last very long. She is one of those horses that makes you stick your boot in your mouth if you say something negative or doubtful. I love her all further more for it! She keeps me in line to always stay and think positive.



      As for the present, Cindy has been an inspiration and a blessing to many people throughout the years. She has taught so many kids, youth, and adults to ride and improve their skills at all levels. With her numerous World titles, International championships, state titles, and open wins, I'd say she has nothing to prove! But who knows? Life throws you surprises and curve balls each and everyday. She might have a few more things in store for us yet! Looks like I'm the one who needs to send Papa a message of my own.




       "Papa, you made a liar out of me! Our little stick of dynamite can run a mighty good set of cans!"